Where can a 40 year-old dude go in the Tempe/Chandler AZ area to be (sort of) social?
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Where can a 40 year-old dude go in the Tempe/Chandler AZ area to be (sort of) social?

I'm kind of down this week and am facing the prospect of a weekend alone at home, which would not be good for me. I have a fair amount of social anxiety but I've been able to get out to some Meetup groups and feel fairly comfortable with them. I don't have any friends in-state, and I've looked for Meetup events this weekend but a lot of them are for singles looking to date and I'm not on the market.

It would probably be fine if I could be around people who might or might not talk to me without feeling conspicuous all by myself. And if I'm allowed to be picky, no rednecks/sports events. I'm more of a techie/indie rock nerd.
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... Ren Faire?
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rock climbing gym!
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It's a sports event, but not of the typical variety: roller derby! The league I practice with, AZRD has a bout on Saturday night. Lots of pretty girls with tattoos and a distinct lack of rednecks.
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Phoenix has a really active independent theatre community. Improv theatre, in particular, is full of friendly people. If you're willing to head downtown, there's a March Madness-style tournament going on this weekend. If you prefer more comedy-style (and want to stay in the Chandler area), there's Valley Fever, performing this Saturday night.
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