Let's go build a kite (but where?)
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A space in or near Camden (London, UK) we can take over to build kites and paper planes?

My friend has an awesome idea for her birthday party: she wants us all to meet at about lunchtime on a Saturday, spend a couple of hours making kites, paper planes and other toys, then head to a park to fly them.

The sticking point is finding somewhere we can meet up to do the building. She's called a couple of tea shops and, unsurprisingly, they're not keen to let us take over a load of tables to play with scissors and glue while they're trying to sell food.

Can you suggest a venue in or near Camden (or perhaps similarly near another of London's parks/heaths) that might let us do this? We basically just need a load of table space that we can take over for a couple of hours. Numbers are a bit nebulous at the moment, but let's guess in the region 10-20 adults (no children).

Secondary question: A bunch of these people are very creative (and I've already seen this AskMe) so we have some plans for flying toys sorted already. But if you have any particularly good links to plans/instructions for kites, ornithopters, paper/card planes etc., please share!
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Can't this be done outside, on a park bench?

Otherwise, the Del'Aziz cafe at Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre seems like the kind of place that would be ok with this. They have constant children's parties there and next to kids throwing food and crayons you guys would look fairly tame. From there, you could go fly your kites on Parliament hill or Primrose hill.

On that note, cafes recommended by London kids sites (not my area) might be a good place to look.
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What about the cafe at Parliament Hill Fields? Has both indoor and outdoor areas. I see many people flying kites around there.
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Your best best might be to try local church halls, community centres &c. Many of them will be used to having children's playgroups & the like so shouldn't have a problem with scissors & glue. Camden Council have listings here. [NW5 & NW3 for Parliament Hill & Hampstead Heath, NW1 for Regents Park.]
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