Will they fit a whole 5x7 photo on 4x6 paper?
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You have digital pictures that are cropped to various rectangular dimensions, but you want to print each of them on 4"x6" paper without losing any of the image. Of course any that are not a 4x6-ratio image - that's most of them - will need to have some white letterboxing. Can any of the standard consumer on-line photo printing services do this automatically, as a batch request? Just print whatever I upload, but fit each one entirely on 4"x6" paper? Shutterfly and Snapfish customer service (for example) said I'd have to go in and adjust the cropping for each picture individually.
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ritzpix will do that
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This might help you, if you have photoshop: http://trd-productions.deviantart.com/art/Photoshop-Resize-Actions-98914444
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If you'd rather not feel limited in your choice of photo processing services, there are various free tools available that can perform bulk resizing and letterboxing on your photos before you upload them.
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Kodakgallery gives you the option of cropped or not. See item #4.
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Irfanview has a batch mode that can resize any number of images as you describe. You can pick maximum HxW dimensions, with constant scaling, and specify the border color for images that don't fit your HxW dimensions when scaled up. Free, and coincidentally the best image viewer on the market as well (IMO).
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I am pretty sure AdoramaPix does this.
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