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Five holes in the countertop, four things to put in them. What should I put in the fifth?

I am replacing my kitchen faucet. My countertop has five holes that are currently occupied by the faucet spout itself, two handles, a sprayer, and an air gap thingy. The new faucet has only one handle, the spout, a soap dispenser, and the air gap. So that leaves me with one extra hole. What can/should I put in it? I'm pretty sure I can find a cap to fit in it, but that seems like a waste of a perfectly good hole.
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Put a filtered water dispenser under the sink and run a line up. Or one of those instant-hot water things.
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Do you think you could use a hot water dispenser? I have seen a special spout for this in many homes.
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How big is the hole? I'd put a small tube of some kind in and use it as a vase for a single flower.
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Seconding filtered water, unless your water is already really good. We make our coffee and tea with filtered water, and it makes a noticeable difference.
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The trouble with the hot water taps is they tend to corrode and leak. I'd go with a filtered tap for cold water.

They sell plugs to cover the extra hole.
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Love the vase idea!
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Don't get an instahot unless you like high utility bills. We had one installed in our house while I was in college and my parents were shocked by how high the utility bills climbed. They eventually just took it out because it was too costly to operate.
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whiskey faucet. Whiskey Faucet. WHISKEY FAUCET. WHISKEY FAUCET!
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We have a liquid hand soap dispenser in the spare hole. No messy soap bars and a ready supply of soap for dirty hands.
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hand lotion dispenser
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Soda water dispenser? Combine with juice concentrate and you've got a soda fountain.
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My husband and I argued endlessly about whether to put dish detergent or happy soft hand soap in the soap dispenser - you could do both! Like the lotion idea, though, there will be a learning period where you can't remember which is which.
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Another vote here for an Instant Hot Water Dispenser. We moved into a home about 5 years ago that already had one of these installed and I thought it was a silly kitchen gizmo. Much to my chagrin, we use it ALL the time!
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Beer tap!

Okay, I know beer tap is a pretty complicated thing but wouldn't that be awesome!? We are plotting to install beer taps in our kitchen countertop for homebrew.
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We put in one of these push button disposal actuators in ours.
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Did the push-button disposal thing. Surprisingly awesome. Thanks everyone!
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