Where are the art and craft galleries in LA?
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Where are the art and craft galleries in the Los Angeles area? I'm looking for galleries that sell art, jewelry, pottery and so on that's not mass-produced, but not crazy expensive fine art either. I'd love to find something like Portland's Real Mother Goose. Nice stuff, not too experimental or edgy and perfect for buying gifts for my parents.
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Oooooo. I love Real Mother Goose. I visit it in the airport every time I fly through there.

I don't know of anything like it in LA

Santa Barbara has a great co-op that open in a different location every year between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'll post it if I can find the name.
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Found it. The Yes Store comes to life again in November.
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most of the local farmer's markets in Los Angeles have adjunct crafts fairs nowadays. The Art walks have artists that specialize in wearables. The Los Angeles Times lists popup stores in the Image section every Sunday. I like Functional Art at Bergamot Station; the owner has really wonderful artist stuff in an affordable range.
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There are lots of boutiques in Venice. But I don't know if they qualify based on your "not expensive" criteria....
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The Craft & Folk Art Museum (on Wilshire, near LACMA/Tar Pits) has a shop filled with beautiful things. Their online shop lists a few items, but the actual shop itself is much better, with a broad and varied selection. Prices range from ridiculously cheap to expensive, but they have lots and lots of reasonably priced items.
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The Rose Bowl flea market is in Pasadena on the second Sunday of every month. In addition to being a really good flea market, it has a huge arts and crafts section. Definitely not expensive, and it's a very fun day. $8 entry fee.
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dfriedman, highly unlikely to spend more than $200 on any given item, but preferably a lot less.
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Check out Toros Pottery in Eagle Rock — it's very much a local business and has a range of items.
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Check out Freehand Gallery on 3rd Street.
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Seconding the Rose Bowl flea market.
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There are a few craft co-ops on Main St in Santa Monica.
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