Can Windows Movie Maker Create Audio Files?
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If I build a project in Windows Movie Maker, is it possible to save it as an audio file instead of a WMV file? If not, what's the best way to get around this?

I was putting together a short video project in WMM (version 5.1), but ultimately it turned into just an audio project. I'd prefer not to try and redo all of my editing in another program, but I can't figure out how to save what I've finished as a mere audio file.

To be clear, there is no video included in my project, just an edited track of MP3's that I have cobbled together. I'd like to end up with an audio file that I can burn to a cd. If WMM won't let me do this, what's the best way to proceed?
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I usually use Zamzar to convert things. You can use it to convert your WMV to a MP3.
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Search for sound card capture utilities. Many of them will capture the sound through your sound card and convert to the filetype of your choice. Cnet has a bunch of them.
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Any Video Converter will turn a video file into an audio file.
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In my version of movie maker (v 6.0/vista) if there are no video/pictures on the timeline, the export option will be WMA (Publish to: This Computer)

You can convert the WMA to an MP3 using just about anything - I use itunes when I have to convert something.
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Audacity will record any sound that comes out of your computer as a WAV or MP3.. including those full-song previews that Lala streams when you google a song title. For your case, just press record on Audacity, press play on the video, and press stop on Audacity when it's done, and export to MP3.
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If it can't, I'd render it as a movie then use Virtualdub to extract the audio to a separate file.
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Catching up on some old posts in my feed, and saw this:

Oxelon Batch Converts Your Music and Movies with Explorer Integration

I have no personal experience with this tool though.
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