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I need a solid, 8-port USB rackmount KVM. I do not need PS/2 support, nor a KVM that cheats by converting PS/2 to USB, which does not work with Sun or Apple servers. I can do a Google search, but does anyone have recommendations? I'm on a budget and can spend about $500 or so.
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Check out Black Box and go to their customer service link. You can punch in your phone # and they will call you within seconds and you can talk to someone who will help you find what you need.

They've got just about every KVM application ever built.
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I use an IOGear 4-port KVM at home and it's pretty awesome. It's USB only, like you mentioned. Here is a rack-mountable 8 port KVM from them: IOGEAR GCS138 KVM

Because it's USB, there is a noticeable 2 or 3 second delay before the mouse and keyboard start working after a switch. However, there's none of the PS/2 weirdness you get on PS/2 KVMs (i.e. screwed up keyboard repeat rate, mouse wheel stops working, mouse moves slower/faster than usual). Don't know how I lived without this thing.
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