Infertility doctor in NYC (no clever titles are coming to mind)
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Recommend a good fertility doctor/reproductive endocrinologist in NYC?

Bonus if they handily dealt with your hydrosalpinx and/or endometriosis.

Extra bonus if they're on the West side or downtown Manhattan.

Super extra bonus if they're really nice and not likely to make me cry.

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We had success with Dr. Husami at American Fertility. The other doctors at the practice and all of the support staff also seem very kind.
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We use RMA. Dr. Mukherjee seems the nicest.
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Cornell has the reputation of being one of the best centers in the world and the head of the program, Zev Rosenwaks and many of his colleagues are widely published and cited. I'm a research/evidence-obsessed person, which is why I chose them.

I'm currently doing an IVF there (fingers crossed, will find out if pg on Monday!!) and have been really impressed with their professionalism and service. However, if you want intense personal attention and hand-holding, they're probably not the best place to go-- I call it the "fertility factory" because they basically get you in and out very efficiently for bloodwork, ultrasounds, inseminations, etc.

Everyone there has been extremely nice and kind when asked, however-- but given the volume, they really can't focus on giving you tons of personal attention. OTOH, the volume means that they've seen virtually everything there is to see and they can really personalize your regime based on knowledge of many, many similar cases. They really monitor you well and adjust doses daily as a result of testing.

The other patients I've spoken with have typically had prior failed experiences with more personalized places-- and success at Cornell. And this is not patients that I've spoken with as a journalist who they selected for me to speak with--it's people I randomly chatted to in the waiting room. At least three were back to have a second child with them. It *is* seriously expensive however-- though they do have access to a research demonstration grant program that is funded by New York State that will give you a serious break (it's means-tested) for one cycle. Be sure to ask about that if you live in New York state-- I imagine it won't survive budget cuts, but it is there now.
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I mostly agree with Maias, and, more generally, the consensus among my circle of recent parents is that you're giving yourself an edge by sticking with one of the large research/hospital groups. Probably Cornell as Maias suggests, or maybe NYU, unless things have changed a lot in the last few years. This is one of those areas where the science is developing so quickly, and group consults can be so helpful.... Some doctors and some practices really are much better at this stuff than others. (The success statistics at Cornell might even be misleadingly lower than they otherwise would be, because that's where the hardest cases choose to go.) You'll get an individual doc, but he or she will be able to consult review committees for recommendations at each stage of your case. Neighborhood convenience would be helpful, but the 66th St. crosstown bus can get you pretty close to Cornell. And while the docs might not be super-de-duper friendly, they surely will be kind, and not unfriendly, and world-class expertise imparts a kind of comfort too.
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Yes, and seconding Dave 9 about the statistics: they definitely take the harder cases and that definitely does lower them.
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OK, I went to Cornell and specifically met with Dr. Glenn Schatmann. The facilities are incredibly nice and everyone was friendly. I didn't do any kind of IVF or anything, though, so I can't review that. It took a long time to get an appointment. I scheduled surgery with him coming up and will have to involve other surgeons, they made that process relatively simple for me. All in all, I am very pleased.
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(and I might do IVF at some point, but I didn't sign up for it now).

Thanks everyone.
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