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I am cutting and pasting pages of a .pub doc to an Outlook email and some of the articles are cutting off.

Boss asked me to do it this way so I can't help it. It shows a complete page, and then it shows a complete page with some of the articles simply missing. blank spots in there.

I am very tired and very hungry and have to get this done so i apologise for not being clear.
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Text in Publisher is formatted in a text box. Sometimes when you paste it somewhere else, the text box shrinks. If that's the case here, then you need to grab the bottom boundary of the text box and stretch it down, down, down, until you can see all the text.
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I've had lots of headaches trying to get things from one Office program to another cleanly. Can you install PDFcreator and send it as a PDF instead?
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If you don't need anything but the text, and the text boxen are all linked, do this.

Click in one of the textboxes.
Go to Edit > Edit Story in Microsoft Word.

Do this for each 'story' that is in its own set of text boxes.
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Oh, and once you edit in Word, copy and paste it all as once from there.
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I converted it to a PDF :)
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