The Case of the Mysterious Levis
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At Christmas, my sister gave me a pair of Levis that didn't fit her--and I fell in love with them. I'd love to buy another pair, but they don't have the model/style number noted anywhere on them. Help!

I believe she said she bought them at either Kohl's or TJ Maxx, but I've found nothing on Kohl's website, and it's unlikely that I'll find the same pair at a TJ Maxx now, in another state. They're juniors' jeans, bootcut or "boyfriend" cut and they have very unusual front pockets, with large copper buttons at the hip (picture here). They also have a tabbed waist with an additional clear button the normal copper button-closure, which can be seen in the picture. Here are some more images of the tag (another) and back pocket.

I realize this is probably a long shot, but I wear these constantly, way more than any other jeans, and would love to get another pair. If any of you have spotted these jeans in the wild before, or can even think of some decent search terms (as I've come up empty-handed), my butt and I will love you forever. Thanks!
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Do you live near a Levi's Store?
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Is it worth giving Levis Customer Support a call?
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If you can figure out which item number they want from the tag you can try searching the Levi's site. I tried, but couldn't quite read the numbers from your photo. You may have better luck.
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The answer is in your picture! They appear to be the 735L. Or maybe not? There sure aren't very many hits for that style.
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Two hours to the closest Levis store! I'll try ringing customer support when I get home tonight. There's a bigger image of the tag here (at work now, so I can't get a better picture). From what I can tell, the numbers listed are:

(care instructions)
(. . . tiny line of text I can't read)
735L 115751053
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your last link is listed as private.
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Whoops, sorry; here.

The butt-pocket looks really really similar on the jeans that peep linked (though these aren't skinny? But it's the closest thing I've seen in days of searching). Unfortunately, I'm so not a size 3. I'll keep searching--and if any (totally amazing) Mefite detectives stumble across a pair of these that would fit my size 11 hips, let me know! Thanks!
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Here's a site that has them (up to size 7) but calls them the 575. I don't think that's right, either. But with all the info you have, Levi's customer service should at least be able to tell you whether they still make them and/or where to get them.
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Found em!

peep, I love you forever!
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