New Age Island Music ID Needed
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Exquisite island relaxing music. Is it Hawaiian? Maori?

Just heard this group - and I have no idea what language this is, who they are and never heard it before or since. All I know is that it's so beautiful. I thought it sounded Hawaiian or maybe Maori. Can someone help ID the artist from this snippet?
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I'm not so sure myself, but it doesn't sound Hawaiian to me. The Hawaiian alphabet doesn't have an "F", and it sounds like the third syllable of the chorus is an F.

For some reason, "F" sounds make me think of Samoan, so you might start investigating down that path?
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I was going to say Tahitian, and the SoundHound app on my phone agrees: song is "Miri" off an album called "Solitudes: Tahiti - Voices of Paradise" by Dan Gibson.

(Apologies for the lack of linkage.)
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If you like this, definitely check out the Polynesian band called Te Vaka. Their music is classified as "South Pacific Fusion" and the band is made up of musicians from Samoa, Hawaii, New Zealand, Tonga and other Pacific island nations. It's great stuff. I'm a huge fan, waiting patiently for them to announce their 2010 tour dates for North America.
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Somanyamys - thank you so amazingly much. Wow. Yes! Blessings to you.
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For future refernce Maori has no "s", "f" or "l" though the non-aspirated "wh" may sound like f
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