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What is the market like in S. FL for IT Training Specialists in large or mid-size law firms in downtown Miami or within 25 miles?

Could you outline general pay scale and any leads on openings?

Which firms have excellent reputations for work environment/pay/IT support? Also, is there a trainers coalition or group that meets to discuss training topics? Thanks!
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I don't have specific numbers for you, or advice about specific firms, but in general, the market for law firm support staff is absolutely dreadful.
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You'd likely want to start by joining local socialization groups, on Facebook and LinkedIn - professionals social clubs and the like. I'd also suggest joining the local IT groups; Linux Users group, not sure what else is out there.

What do you mean by "IT Training Specialists"? Though I am not a trainer, I've worked with them in the past in companies of various sizes, and that sort of duty is usually farmed out to an HR person or IT Coordinator - that is, their primary job is IT or HR, and part time they run the company's quarterly training, either directly or hiring in a specialist for a particular task.

Are you a certified technical trainer? There is likely an organization of CTTs at the national level once you've got your cert; they can provide pointers to local networks and affiliations.

To second what valkyryn said, the market is tough as it is. I've heard, on average, that the unemployment rate in the South Florida area is very high. People who have connections and friends are finding it difficult to gain employment, and employers have the pick of the crop and can take their time if they've been "going without" for quite a while.

My suggestion is you contact the big recruiting groups in the area, such as Robert Half, TekSystems, Volt, AppleOne, and others (I am not employed by any of those firms, though I'm on their radar for potential future positions, ie, they have my resume on file and did a cursory meet-and-greet with them) to look for contract-to-perm positions.
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