Logic and puzzle games recommendations?
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Looking for computer game recommendations for an older person who likes simple logic/puzzle games.

They like the classic windows games (solitaire, spider solitaire, and freecell) as well as sudoku. Not looking for anything that requires quick reactions or beating the clock. Can be online or downloadable for PC.
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How about Mist.
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Go to BigFishGames.com. The site is deliberately aimed at the "casual" audience of mostly older players. Lots of examples of games that don't require dexterity or timing.
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I really enjoying going here for basic logic puzzles.
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I have to say that I'm totally addicted to Picross/Pic-a-Pix at Conceptis. They also have Sudoku, Kakuro, and a bunch of other logic games.
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I like Set. It doesn't require that you "beat the clock" but it does give you a time taken to complete. After a while you notice your speed getting faster (but occasionally there are some tougher ones thrown in that will take longer than your usual speed). The only disadvantage is that the online version only has one puzzle per day.
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Are you familiar with Infocom games? They're free!
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I like Cogs

You can also get it on steam.
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Bloxorz, Fantastic Comtraption.
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2nding Myst, then Riven.
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I second elmay's suggestion of Conceptis. They're the source of a lot of the paint by numbers, Sudoku, battleships, etc. puzzles that many puzzle magazines use (Games Magazine, for instance). It's a pay site but the puzzle quality is high and you can get a hundred or so puzzles a week for just a couple of bucks when you buy their weekly packages. They also release a dozen free puzzles each week so you don't have to pay. But I do; it's as good a value as any puzzle magazine IMO.
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Ballance is a beautiful 3-D scroller that has puzzle-type gameplay (certain paths are unusable until you change form; certain forms are unavailable on certain paths etc.) The scenery on some levels is almost breathtaking.
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Escape has lots of fantastic puzzles, ranging from easy to insanely hard. Unfortunately, since the puzzles are user-generated, upwards of 90% of them are crap, but there is a "sort by rating" function so you can go through the more well-liked puzzles first.
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