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Recently started weaving chainmail in a search for a quiet crafty activity to do at my desk during downtime at work. Sunk ~$100 into getting a good mix of starting materials (anodized aluminum, brass, and a steel "coif kit" for when I get the hang of it.) Have so far learned basic 4-in-1 weave and made a bracelet and some earrings for my wife. (The latter turned out, the former is so-so.) What are some good resources for patterns, advice, other info?
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You may get more luck if you avoid the term "chainmail" when searching online - that's a modern construction (thanks, D&D). The resources at the bottom of this page sound like a good place to start.
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Best answer: The Maille Artisans International League site documents many weaves and seems to host a pretty good-sized community. This aspect ratio table has also proved useful, and there are lots of delicious bookmarkers who have used the tag chainmaille on that site. Happy weaving!
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Response by poster: That Maille Artisans site is almost exactly what I'm looking for!

This hobby is going to be hell on my lack of spatial rotational abilities, I can see. I also had to read the "what is aspect ratio?" page three times before I figured out what they were talking about. I'm not sure if that's me or them.
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I just started doing chainmaille as well! I can't get euro 4-in-1 down, but full persian and spiral weave were easy for me with those videos.

Conversion Chart - I love this thing, especially since websites can't all agree to use fractions or millimeters when I go to buy rings. - Patterns/Weaves

if you wanted to take another shot at a bracelet for your wife, you could try Byzantine. It looks very pretty made into bracelets.
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