Taxes in Seattle!
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Can you recommend a tax person in Seattle?

I am new in seattle, my taxes are a little complicated this year and i dont want to attempt to do taxes myself.

Please recommend me a cpa / accountant that you have experience with! They must be in seattle, prefer downtown, capital hill or close by one of those.
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Yup. Debbie Stewart does my taxes, too, after getting that advice, and I've been pleased. We do it all by mail and e-mail, which is great.
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Had years dealing with David Bembridge CPA. A staff of about 4. They've been in biz for decades, mostly same location on 15th E., in same bldg. as Bagel Deli, on 2d floor. They are friendly, sincere, helpful, thorough. I've always been happy with the results. I don't have the phone no. on me, and I'm not in Sea. at the moment. Highly highly recommend.
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