Utorrent resume.dat is corrupted
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I want to backup my utorrent appdata for when i upgrade to windows 7 on my htpc. but the resume.dat file is corrupt. What do i do?

My HTPC is sort of deteriorating. its on an XP install. A few networking glitches have messed up a lot folder indexes. Instead of wasting my time fixing it. I would just rather reinstall the whole thing with a fresh copy of windows 7. I really want to back up my utorrent app data for sentimental reasons. Just to keep a complete running total of my statistics. But when i try to copy the utorrent folder from the %appdata% folder, it says that "resume.dat is corrupted" what can i do? If i ignore this file, will my statistics stay in-tacked? Thanks :D
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utorrent is not great software, is super fragile and I assume that any change will break your history and such. the best (i.e. least effort and heartbreak) backup/restore solution I've been able to come up with is just to save all the torrents and re-add them in the new place, which you'll then re-point to your preferred saving locations. basically, to recreate everything by hand, then do "force re-check" on each torrent so that the new utorrent metadata is kosher and synced.
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No matter how you make the move, your ratios per tracker/torrent will remain the same - but uTorrent's own ratio logging will restart at zero if you do everything with manual re-adds. Have you tried to run uTorrent and add and then remove a new torrent to force re-writing of resume.dat?
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Response by poster: To rhizome: i have no real reasons for using utorrent. If you can suggest a better one, im very open to a change.
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I don't know of a better one, and I'm pretty sure they all suck in some way.
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According to yahoo answers, resume.dat contains information on torrents currently loaded while settings.dat contains configuration and statistics. So you could try ignoring it.

I gather from this page that it's possible to edit utorrent .dat files; perhaps you could perform a new install to get new settings files, then edit settings.dat to contain whatever statistics you like? The tool you'd use for that, bencode can apparently "sometimes" salvage resume.dat.
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