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The last (I fervently hope) New Orleans wedding question: After the ceremony (on April 2) at the Dauphine Orleans we're having dinner at Restaurant August rather than a music and drinks reception. However, we really want to hear some music (and maybe do a little dancing) afterward. Where should we go to make that happen?

In a city with so many bars and clubs, there's no shortage of places to get our post-nuptial groove on; we just can't make up our minds. We're leaning toward one of the clubs on Frenchman Street but 1. We can't decide which one and 2. We worry it might be a bit of a walk for a dozen people in nice outfits. Or maybe it isn't. Cabs are an obvious solution.

Really, there's some wedding planning decision fatigue at work here. We're flexible and desperate for ideas. Where would you go to hear great music with your new spouse and best friends in New Orleans?
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Frenchman street for better place to shake your ass and enough the true flavor of NOLA.
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I did this; I married a local. Wedding party stayed at the Dauphin Orleans (where I always stay when I go to NOLA). Reception dinner at K-Paul's (thanks, Paul, for pulling up a stool and spending 45 minutes with us), married in a church in the Garden District (as I hear, flooded out in Katrina), reception at Arnuad's (don't miss upstairs).

I'm with white_devil...Frenchman Street. Arrange with Dauphin Orleans for transport (they did vans for us).

P.S. - My marriage didn't last. I wish luck for yours.
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Thirding Frenchman street. We stayed at the Frenchman hotel for our honeymoon, and LOVED being near all of those great bars and great music.

Have fun!
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Walking should be no problem to Frenchman St, really. If the weather holds up, it would a very nice five minute respite from the festivities. Clear your head a little, and enjoy some fresh air. Just check the schedules and pick someone you want to hear.
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