Need London music scene
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Help me find my music scene in London

I've been living in London now for 4 months (moved from Chicago), and I have yet to really find a music scene I would enjoy. I think my problem is I'm just unfamiliar with UK bands, so it hard to pick out what I should explore when i'm just flipping through listings.

Ideally I would like to find if there is a improv jazz scene. . or any kind of improv rock. Is there anywhere in London small to medium venues that would feature something like this?

Any guidance on listings and venues would be appreciated. . .blogs maybe?

I prefer live instruments to any sort of laptop/dj setup . .

Improv Jazz/Funk:
Medeski, Martin & Wood:
Benevento Russo Duo:
Bill Frisell:
John Scofield
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The LMC may be of interest to you as it covers avant garde and improv stuff and has a long history. Check out Resonance FM to get a good grip on what's going on generally with underground music in London.
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Barden's Boudoir still seems to be going strong, and might have some crossover with your interests.
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I've a feeling you'd love Café Oto in Dalston... The Jazz Café in Camden is more mainstream but well worth checking out if you haven't already (seems a bit obvious!). Hmm. Will get my thinking cap on.
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haven't been there but my friend who is into all things improv jazz swears by it.
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Seconding Cafe Oto and the Vortex, both very small venues. I saw John Scofield at the Jazz Cafe a few years ago, he plays in London usually at least once a year, but sometimes it's at the larger arts venues such as the Barbican or South Bank Centre. Have a look at the Spitz programme at King's Place, and you may like the bands who make up the F-IRE Collective.
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If you like Scofield, maybe check this guy out.

Yes, I have played in several bands with him.
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Response by poster: Thanks I will check out those bands and venues mentioned. As an aside, I searched Scofield's schedule and just bought tickets to see him at Ronnie Scott's.
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