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Synchronicity Stories. Tell me about your amazing coincidences.

A couple surprising coincidences lately got me thinking about synchronicity. So often, these little events are not too meaningful, but they can be startling. My own recent experiences include:

~ I watched a 1946 movie the other night - The Killers, starring Burt Lancaster. He played "Ole Anderson", a ex-boxer. After the movie, I went to bed and picked up my book - Firewall by Henning Mankell. The first page I read started out: "Olle Andersson was sleeping when the phone rang."

~ Our dog peed on some music books left on the floor by the piano. He peed on a song titled "Urania". (OK... not Urine-ia... but close)

~ At the library, my daughter picked out a book. I went to the other side to pick out a movie. The movie, picked from the shelf, and not on special display: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen. The book she picked out, also from a shelf, was a children's book with the very same plot - though not the same name or setting. I can't recall the name of it. Oddly though, they were both the same Munchausen plot.

SO.... what are your little, personal, astounding synchronicitous events?
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One time I was the first person on all of Metafilter to comment on an obvious chatfilter question.
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I feel like on the one hand I have a lot of these (for example, my first job in the game industry was working for a guy I had met in Ulltima Online during the undead invasion of Trinsic six or seven years prior) but they're all pretty explicable (we both ended up working at the company started by the ex-creators of Ultima Online because we were both into the genre and looked to those guys first.)

So I'm not sure if that sort of stuff really counts. And I tend not to remember the "Oh there's a red car! Wait, I'm wearing a red shirt! How odd." sorts of situations because I just don't find them particularly interesting.

If the former type of story amuses you, though, I got a dozen of 'em :)
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I recently posted a question on Ask Metafilter about conversation topics. One of the suggestions was "What are the 5 best smells?".

The next day at work, we were lighting some scented candles because of some sewage construction outside. A coworker blew out a match and said "Ah, burnt matches. One of the top 5 smells".

He insists he's never been asked that question before, and was just making a comment.

Not astounding... just struck me.
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