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Musical recommendations in Paris

At short notice, Mrs mjg and I will be in Paris for the rest of this week. Please hope us some musical suggestions, preferably jazz or folk or classical - ideally in small venues.
Any other suggestions for what to do and where to eat are welcome. Budget-wise we're "flexible".

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Check bulletin boards at major venues. I saw a Monteverdi mass exactly ten years ago tomorrow in Notre Dame for something like 15F. And the next night we saw the soloists of the French National Orchestra perform Vivaldi's Four Seasons in San Chapelle for about the same cost. I'd just make a quick tour of bulletin boards in public places and see what's happening.
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Best answer: Check le new morning, le baiser salé, le duc des lombards. This article mentions both La villa - I've seen Teddy Edwards there - and the Hot Brass, but I don't know if they are still active. You can also look for La flèche d'or. And don't forget to check la chope, to see some live gypsy jazz guitar. Le petit journal montparnasse, le petit opportun, le sunset (Jacky Terrasson at 22h, you've got the time to give a phone call to check if there's still some room available, and to go there, haven't you ? - if I was in Paris, I would).

Ask for Pariscope at any bookshop or at a kiosk selling press, it's a cheap resource to plan your evenings. Enjoy your trip !
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If you're looking for jazz in small to medium sized rooms, nicolin has all the answers right there.
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Btw, Jacky Terrasson still plays at the sunset tonight.
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Response by poster: Oh yes! We made it to Jacky TerrasSon, and it was amazing! Thanks for the tip nicolin :) totally excellent evening.
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Thanks to you, mjg123. I hope you're enjoying your stay.
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