US Mailbox, please!
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The best/cheapest US mailbox parcel forwarding service with consolidation? Does anyone have any tips...

I'm looking for a US mailbox where I can have things like Amazon/thinkgeek/misc parcels sent and where a consignment will be consolidated and then despatched at a friendly rate to Scandinavia. Does anyone have a favourite site for this? I have done some browsing and found a couple but they're so similar it's hard to know who is hot and who not.

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I'm very satisfied with Mail Link Plus.
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Response by poster: Yes, that does look like a good service! Thanks!
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I wanted to mention that due to drug and terrorism laws if you want to have an American mail forwarder you will need to have a notary copy your ID and verify your address before service can start. The site I linked to has the forms to download and instructions on what to fill out.
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