Help me find a North London dentist!
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Help me find a North London dentist! Caveat - I have not had a checkup in a very very long time.

I live in North London (Camden area) and am in need of a dentist (previous AskMe is in a different area). I have not seen a dentist in about a decade after enduring dozens and dozens of orthodontic appointments in my teens, and my last dentist was in another country, and has since died so I don't have any records. Despite this, I take care of my teeth and they seem to be in good shape.

Can anyone recommend a dentist that is taking patients? Someone who is patient and gentle would be great. If I go as a private patient, can I get an appointment sooner, as in within a few weeks? Or is it better to register as NHS and wait? What might an average price for a checkup be?

I've not lived in the UK long so much of this is new to me, combined with my lack of checkups and I'm a bit nervous about it all.
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Best answer: This site might help.

Even if you go private, you may still have to wait. Perhaps not as long but so many dentists have now gone private that it's not like Harley St.

For what it's worth, my NHS dentist went private. I now pay them £10 a month and that entitles me to a check up once a year, a session with the hygienist twice a year. Xrays and anything over and above costs more.
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Best answer: I can recommend Gray's Inn Road Dental Practice. I don't think they're taking on NHS patients but I haven't had much problem ever getting an appointment within a reasonable timeframe as a private patient. Christine is lovely and patient. She is also be very up-front and clear about costings. She charges most of her work on a time basis (more complicated work entails extra).

Near Chancery Lane tube. #46 bus goes from Camden straight down GIR past the practice.
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I hadn't been to the dentist in years when I finally plucked up courage and got my teeth checked out. I was recommended to this dentist, and she was great. I now attend a dentist more local to me regularly but if you're nervous about seeing a dentist after a long period of non-attendance, I would recommend Dr Pinder without hesitation.
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