Bluetooth problems with Macbook Pro
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I've got a late 2008 Macbook Pro running Snow Leopard. Since installing Snow Leopard, my bluetooth mouse and keyboard (Logitech MX5500 Mouse and Keyboard combo) seem to get disconnected when the computer is n sleep mode, and I can't reactivate them simply by using them.

The combo is not technically supported on the Mac. I use Steermouse for the mouse, and they generally work fine other than the disconnect problem. seem to get disconnected when the computer is n sleep mode. This happens regularly, but not consistently. I'd say 90% of the time it happens, but some times the devices are fine.

To get around this I can reboot, or in VMWare Fusion, I can write click on the Bluetooth icon at the bottom of the window and choose "Connect Apple Bluetooth USB Host Controller", then re-enable it (right click again, choose "Disconnect Apple Bluetooth USB Host Controller"), move the mouse and tap a key and I get access to my bluetooth devices again (normally - sometimes the keyboard is a bit hesitant to come around the first time I try this).

In HardwareGrowl, the message "USB Disconnection: Bluetooth USB Host Controller" pops up, then immediately after, I get "USB Disconnection: Bluetooth USB Host Controller".

Ideally I'd like to have my bluetooth devices never disconnect like this, but an alternative would be able to perform the Connect and Disconnect of the Bluetooth USB Host Controller but without going into VMWare Fusion - I'm thinking a terminal command that performs the same action - something I can create a script on, and run with Launchbar or the like.

I'm going to do a reinstall at some point and fix the problem, but I'm too busy at the moment to spend a day working on that.
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Why do you say this combo is not technically supported?

I don't have any advice but I have seen the same problem, I think. I use a BT mouse that became disconnected. I toggled BT on and off on the mac and changed the batteries in the mouse. The mac would see the mouse but refuse to connect. I rebooted and everything was fine again. This is also on a MBP (pre-unibody).
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Response by poster: Ya, sometimes trying to get into the Bluetooth Preferences after this happens results in having to force quit the preference pane. Or it takes a very long time to get into it.

The keyboard and mouse combo is not supported on the mac by Logitech. No drivers for it, etc.

Still works okay, although I have issues with the middle mouse button on the mouse not registering at all. Scrolls fine, but has no click action. Steermouse doesn't even detect it as being clicked. This is a software issue, because it worked on a fresh install, then suddenly stopped (posted about the issue earlier in the green).
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