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Is there a (preferably free) iPod Touch/iPhone app that I can use to track how I spend every hour of my day? I already use ToDo, Simplenote, and iCal.

I like to organize my schedule the night before, so that when I wake up in the morning I know exactly what I need to do during the day. I tried using the hourly schedule in iCal but I found it too arduous, and even keeping an hourly checklist in ToDo got annoying after a while, especially because I want to track what I do actually do with my time, and not just what I intended to do.

Yes, I realize that I'm kind of lazy but I also lack a lot of willpower, so that any system that is too complicated will be abandoned within a day or two.

My ideal app would simply be something where I could type in whatever I need to do, such as having lunch with somebody, put in the time, and then have a nice, tidy list about everything I need to do the next day. Then, during the day, if I went on Metafilter instead of doing flash cards, I could easily mark that down. My goal is to be able to look back at the end of the day and see how I actually spent my time.
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Best answer: TimeJot works well for me.
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Best answer: Daily Tracker is another one to check out.
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Hmm... I use ical for exactly what you suggest. I make a calendar of plans for each day, and then modify the record as I deviate from it. What's wrong with that?

Perhaps a key is to set aside ~20 minutes each morning to PRIORITIZE the day and make sure important tasks get done first?
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Response by poster: I want a list that I can check off as I go throughout the day, so I know that I completed everything in order. But I'd also like the capability to easily make a note when I didn't complete a task, and what I did instead. Right now I'm using ToDo and iCal in conjunction with each other, and I was hoping there'd be one app that did both.
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