how much information can be pulled out of this kind of image barcode?
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I'm curious what kind of information this kind of image code can contain? Can anyone read this? Is there an iphone app that will pull all details out of this? thanks!
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That's a QR Code. There are lots of iPhone apps that can read them. They usually just consist of a link to a website.
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It's this URL

Used zbar on the iPhone to decode it.
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You can use this to decode it to this.
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Response by poster: Ahh. I've read a bit about the "internet of things"

Out of curiosity, say there is a QR code on a book sent to me, would I be able to scan and pinpoint information about that "individual" book, or does it just contain the generic ISBN for that title - like 978-88-8370-112-2 in example above?

Thanks for the helpful answers.
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QR codes can contain pretty much any kind of textual information. However, the more data the hold, the more big and unwieldy they get. So, their use is mostly limited to pointers to websites that have more information. An actual serial number encoded for an individual book in a QR code is not outside the realm of possibility.
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Now you know what it is, you might find this recent question interesting.
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Response by poster: @galaksit thanks that's an interesting post.

@zsazsa oh wow, yeah that looks rather unwieldy. The one I linked just looks like it's ISBN and link only right?
I know people can put hidden information in Jpgs, do you know if it contains more info than that? thanks
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