What is the emblem on this lapel pin found in my living room?
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I found this lapel pin beneath my living room couch yesterday and have no idea what the emblem is. Can you help me identify it? I'm not sure that I am even holding it the correct way in the photo.

A few ideas that have not been confirmed include:
* Variation of logo from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN where a family member works.
* A variation of this unofficial 4-H logo.

Any other thoughts? I have spent hours combing Google Image Search and various logo/design/branding blogs to find clues, but to no avail! Hopefully the answer is buried somewhere within the hive mind!
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Almost definitely an alchemical symbol. This site has a list of them.
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Okay, according to that site it is almost identical to the alchemical symbol for Borax, but it has an extra bar at the bottom.

Here's a bigger resource for alchemical symbols from an 18th century manual.
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Just to clarify: your image hasn't been reversed, correct? Because if it was the 4h logo, why would it be mirrored like this?
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Response by poster: @griphus Hm, alchemy is definitely not something I thought of but it sure does look like the Borax symbol (save the extra bar)

@Think_Long No, image hasn't been reversed or mirrored. Though I may not be holding it correctly. If you rotate the picture 180 degrees you can see how it is more similar to the 4-H logo, although still the "4" would still be facing the wrong direction. For these reasons I tend not to think it has anything to do with 4-H (especially since National 4-H seems rather strict about use of their "official" emblem, which is quite different from the image on my pin: http://www.national4-hheadquarters.gov/emblem/4h_name.htm).
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Maybe a variation on the Cross of Lorraine?
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My first thought was some sort of Asian symbol/word/letter.
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Looks to me like a regional variation on the Eastern Orthodox Cross.
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I'm inclined to think it's a variation on a papal cross, although I can't find one with that diagonal.
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Best answer: It's the symbol for Columbia Business School; you're holding the pin horizontally, but it's oriented vertically.
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Response by poster: @Admiral Haddock I think you've got it. Not only is it obviously the Columbia Business School symbol, but it also makes sense contextually because my father did a program there a number of years ago. Thanks!
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Good god! The Columbia Business School is run by crypto-alchemists?!
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No, they're run by Mages from White Wolf's World of Darkness. ;-)

(That was going to be my guess, given they use a number of alchemical symbols in the RPG - but someone found the answer before I needed to look it up and verify it. I know there were a number of licenses pins, which I was thinking this was one.)
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