Help me find shoes size 13-15!
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Where can I find fashionable shoes sizes 13-15?

I'm a 6'4" size 13/14/15 (depending on the maker) shoe wearer. My shoes have consisted of:

-Casual Max Big and Tall stocked Sketchers
-New Balance sneakers

I've work pretty much the same few styles for about 5 years now. I'd like to own a few more casual pairs and some nicer work pairs as well as perhaps a stylish leather boot. What are some good brands I could look into? (Wide-width is helpful!)
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Nordstrom department stores started out as shoe stores, and even today do a very good job of offering shoes in a much wider range of sizes than most other shoe outlets. If you can't afford to pay their retail prices, see if there's a Nordstrom Rack near you--chances are good there'll be some cool stuff on their shelves in your size, at much more affordable prices.

You may also find good selection online. I'm a woman with big, hard-to-fit feet and I've had really good luck with sure what they offer to guys but I wouldn't be surprised if they go up to really big sizes for men, too. Also I just read about as an online source for big shoes for guys (sizes 14-22)--never looked at it myself but you may want to check it out.

Good luck!
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Women's shoes? Men's shoes?

Either way--
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Timberland, Rockport and Johnston and Murphy came up often when I looked for a 15EE on Zappos. Those are all pretty decent brands.

How about casual shoes like this or this?

This dress shoe comes in black and brown and has a nice padded heel.

The classic Blundstone 500 goes up to a 14, medium width. If you can work a slightly more rugged look (which, as a bigger guy, you probably can), Red Wings have some more industrial-looking boots that will last forever. The Chelsea boot, like the Blundstone, is more of a regular (though still slightly different) look. Bonus: Red Wings are made in the US.

I have a friend with 15s on my trivia team, so I'll ask him when I see him tonight. However, I think he mostly lives in combat boots :P
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I wear 14's and feel your pain. I've had lots of good luck out of this pair of Timberlands I've been rocking for a year. Sneakers do suck because Nike really bows out about size 13 with all the other major manufacturers.
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I can second Johnston & Murphy, I'm not quite up to your level at size 12, but they are good "above average" dress shoes.
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Zappos. I just ordered these in 14 wide. The only issue is you can't try them on so you may end up returning them.
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Yeah, women's or men's?
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Zappos at full price, if you want to get a deal try:
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I'm just about the same dimensions (6'5", 13-15 sized foot depending on manufacturer), and I cannot recommend enough. I used to hate shopping for shoes, because it was always a matter of asking the store what they had on-hand, and then picking a pair that wasn't hideous. It's true that they charge full-retail (almost all the time), but it's worth it to me for the selection and (this is key) the free two-way shipping, meaning you can try different styles/manufacturers with just about no detriment.
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My father is your height and wears about the same size shoe as you- always at least a 13. He wears Johnston and Murphy dress shoes, New Balance for athletic shoes and various sorts of outdoorsy hiking shoe type things that he gets at REI for in between. My dad's 52, though, so adjust for your age and tastes, but this has been his pattern for as long as I can remember.
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I'd say just hit Amazon. I wear 13/14 and commonly shoes I like in those sizes are discounted, which I've lazily attributed to a lack of demand.

My other favorite thing has been to cruise ebay, as you can specify the size you want to see. I've bought a pair of boots and a pair of sneakers from them and was exceedingly happy with both.

I also had a good pair from a thrift store.

These are all examples of how it can be a good thing to need something most other people don't want.
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If we're talking men's shoes, you should look into Alden's (also here) and Allen Edmonds for dress and dress casual shoes. They are the only nice shoes that consistently fit me (I wear 14-4E in New Balance sneakers, but found I wear a 12EEE in Allen Edmonds). Expensive, but worth it.

The Alden Indy Boot is particular awesome.
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