Suckers that play music through the jawbone?
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A year or so ago I was told about some cool suckers that would play music through your jawbone when you bit them. I always thought it was an excellent idea and had kind of wanted to buy one and take it apart but I've searched for several hours (at different times) since then and have had no luck.

I've found a snorkel that has a similiar idea here. But no suckers.
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Hasbro released sound bites lollipops, but that was back in 98/99.
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First of all, check your search terms -- I read your post twice before I realized you were talking about lollipops.

Sound Bites got a fair amount of media attention when they were first announced, but it looks like they didn't sell as well as the test marketing suggested they would. Coverage of the product announcement is all I was able to find in an cursory search -- all I can figure is that they disappeared pretty quickly after their initial release.
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Okay, I take that back -- they were apparently such a big success that the following year they produced an FM radio version called Pop Radio. Still, there's no mention of either product on Tiger's website, and few enough hits on Google to indicate that both products are no longer being manufactured.
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I bought one of these...don't remember how or when, but it was a definite conversation piece. It played I think 4 different songs, sounded like midi. Sounded, well, like it was coming from the center of your mouth, and the person next to you couldn't hear it at all. very cool.
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I read a biography of someone who used to listen to records at boarding school after quiet-time by putting a needle between his teeth and putting it in the grooves of a spinning record album.

I had one of those lollipops once and I think it worked best when your teeth were on the candy. So you couldn't actually enjoy the music as you ate the candy, since you had to deliberately bite on the lollipop head to hear it well.
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I have a drum-machine one which I think came from Germany, but sorry don't remember details. 98/99 sounds about right though.
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Thanks guys, according to the press release I probably should have search for "lollipops with denta-mandibular technology." That would have had more success (haha).

We just never call them lollipops. That's so old-fashioned, or something.
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