Can I recover a lost Livejournal comment typed into Mac Firefox?
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Lost livejournal comment in Firefox - got as far as "preview" before losing power.

I had written a well thought out, page long comment to a friend of mine on Livejournal. I'm using a Mac, and Firefox 3.5.7. I had hit the "preview" option, and was making some revisions before I lost power, and lost the comment. Upon rebooting and re-opening firefox, I was greeted only with blankness, almost expecting to have my writing magically restored. A romp through my history did not produce the comment preview page, and as far as I can tell, my writing is lost. I am hoping there's way to recover this, and am a bit embarrassed to be making such a fuss over something as seemingly trivial as a livejournal comment.
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Unfortunately I think you cannot recover your loss. For next time I would suggest you author long texts in a separate text editor with a save function and only copy-and-paste in your browser at the last moment. Cheers!
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It's gone but there are extensions that can help in the future.
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Such are the perils of not having an uninterruptible power supply. If you suffer from frequent power outages, you can find a very basic one with 2-3 minutes' runtime for well under $100. Here is a webpage designed to help you determine the minimum UPS you need.

As Rhomboid said it is preventable in the future. Before my online school integrated a save function into their work, I would copypaste my work every few minutes into a notepad file and save. I'm not kidding, it was that important.
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You could compose it in Gmail, as that autosaves drafts.
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