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I hope this isn't an abuse of AskMefi, but oh man: where the heck might one find pictures of a menu from Denny's? [mi]

I'd like to create a Photoshopped Denny's menu for a few friends, having to do with an obscure inside joke we share, but I'm having no luck finding a source image to start with. Ideally, I'd like the style of menu that has the big pictures of the food items alongside the descriptions.
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Not really responsive: I suppose swiping one (and returning it later, of course) isn't an option? It's been a long time for me, but if they're the kind of place that has the menus already on the table in a rack by the condiments or something, it might be possible to take one of them. Not that I would encourage such a thing.

Also, it seems like the official site might have a lot for you to work with.
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.... 1) Get large bag. 2) Go to Dennys ... ??
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I don't know of anywhere you could get one online, but couldn't you just, uh, go to Denny's and TAKE one? I mean, you discreetly slip one in your bag on the way out or whatever, no one's the wiser.

I wouldn't normally condone stealing stuff but it's laminated cardboard. I'm sure they go through loads through wear and tear.

On preview: rustcellar beat me to it.
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This site has menus, so does this one and this one. Here's a bonus a kids menu. A yahoo image search brings up more.

Hope this helps.
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More moral support than actual useful advice: You may have already seen this, but a funny article on a similar prank exists over at Cockeyed.
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You might find something useful on the links page over at Project: Denny's.
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Also rather than stealing the menu you could just visit a Dennys and take a picture of the menu.
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Or you could just ask the waiter to GIVE you a menu.

Tell them there's an extra couple of bucks tip in it for them. :-D
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Yeah, I was hoping to avoid actually setting foot in a Denny's, as all of them in my area are horrid. Project Denny's was one of the first places I looked, as I'm acquainted with the guy who runs the place. But squeak, your links are exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks to all!
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