What (free) Windows program will convert a CMYK TIFF to a lossless CMYK JPEG2000?
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What (free) Windows program will convert a CMYK TIFF to a lossless CMYK JPEG2000, assuming JPEG2000 can cope with CMYK? If possible, I'd like to avoid having to know how JPEG2000 works just to be able choose the right settings.
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Um, I typed in a long answer but somehow it didn't get posted.

The short version: LuraWave JP2 does what you want. They sell a standalone tool called SmartCompress for $20 and have a free demo available.
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More info for your google searches: for CMYK, you need a JPEG2000 implementation that supports "Part 2" of the standard.

You can also try searching for an implementation that supports "ICC Version 4" color profiles.
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Perhaps you could use ImageMagick in Cygwin? I'm not sure if it supports the exact conversion you're asking about, but there are many thousands of things it can do with regard to image manipulation and conversions from the commandline. It's wonderful for batch processing. Check their website for details for your exact requirements. This would be a free option.
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I'm pretty sure Irfan can do this.
I know it can handle JPEG2000, and it handles all my other batch processing needs, well totally awesomely.
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Thanks everyone.
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