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Seattle dot-comer looking for local meetings with similar folks.

After being in Seattle almost 3 1/2 years, I'm not enough involved in the dot-com community despite the fact that I work for one. I'm
looking to meet, network, swap ideas with others whether it be over beers or in a formal setting.

Whether they be employees of or a fledgling start up, what formal group meet-ups are there within the Puget Sound metropolitan area?
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Seattle Code Camp is coming, but it is kind of Microsoft-y. It would be a good place to network with other developers, through.
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Take a look at and
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Check the Seattle Networking Guide.
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Mindcamp is an "uncoference" that happens once or twice a year. The first Ignite was sponsered by O'Reilly a few years back, I think they are falling into a quarterly rhythm now. And then there are users groups for various technologies (like Ruby, Django Postgres, etc). I've been talking with the guy who runs Startpad, and notice that they have a calendar of area tech events with something (or three) on almost every day of the week.
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