Source of US food subsidy chart?
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I'm trying to find a source for this chart. Even if the PCRM is the source of the chart, there's a asterisk without a footnote for the numbers.
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This might not be the best answer, but here is a PDF with a little more info from; it has a breakdown of the figures used to create the infographic.
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Tineye results. Not a lot there, and the Matthew Yglesias link, the next place to look, isn't working right now.
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Best answer: The original PCRM link is here.

Yglesias (who has moved to CAP, thus the 404d Atlantic blog) attributed the chart via Neil Sinhababu, who apparently received it in e-mail.

Personally, I agree with an Yglesias commenter who points out that this is a bad chart (see Darrell Huff). The percentages in the left pyramid are linear along the height of the pyramid, but in two dimensions, a pyramid gets wider and thus the percentage should be along the outer hypotenuse. For a pyramid with three dimensions, as drawn, it's even more misleading. My BOTE estimate is that the 73% should be drawn close to the halfway height of the pyramid, or lower.
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The pyramid on the right also appears to be linear along the height axis, based on the numbers listed.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone, and I agree about the misleading pyramid.
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