I can't install Flash Player 7 in Mac OS X (10.3.7).
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I can't install Flash Player 7 in Mac OS X (10.3.7). The problem must have something to do with my account, as I created a brand new account and could download and install there with no problem. [+]

I have been thinking that Firefox (particularly an old, and possibly not fully uninstalled Flashblock extension) is the problem, but I could be barking up the wrong tree--I trashed all the Mozilla and Firefox files I could find in ~/Library and ~/Library/Application Support, with no more luck. And when I run the standalone installer, it won't install in any of my browsers (Firefox 1.0 (my default), Safari, IE, or Opera).

On the one hand, Flash isn't that big a deal to me (I was blocking it before, after all). On the other hand, this is driving me nuts!
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Safari has built-in Flash support.

Make sure you have write privileges to /Library/Internet Plug-Ins and ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins. Trash any files relating to Flash in there. Try getting rid of any system-wide Flash/Firefox/Mozilla/Flashblock files you can find in /Library and /Library/Application support, if you haven't done so already. Make sure you have write privileges to any directories the Flash installer needs to write to.

If that fails, try booting up off of your system install disc. Run Disk Utility once you've booted up off of it, and fix permissions on your hard drive.
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Response by poster: tumult, you got it. I didn't have write permission to /Library/Internet Plug-Ins. I changed that & was good to go. Thank you very much!
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