Ring trend or confirmation bias?
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Fashion ring filter: I've noticed a recent trend for really large rings, and I really like it. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble finding one, can you help?

I've seen some very large rings (either taking up most of one finger or seemingly a couple of fingers, most have been large animals, some sparkly some not, I'm pretty sure all metal) on 20something girls in NYC lately. Me likey!

Strangely my google-fu, usually strong, is failing me. I've tried "fashion rings" "large rings" "big rings" "animal rings" and "multi finger rings" to no avail. So, anyone have better ideas? Stores? Blogs?

Bonus points if you can tell me who/why/when etc this trend started.
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Try Esty - I was surfing around the site, looking for rings and saw all sorts of huge rings, some that covered three fingers. I can't point to any specific sellers, but just poke around a little, you're bound to find a seller or three getting in on this trend.

Also, I walked south from Herald Square on Broadway, I think, and passed all sorts of little jewelry shops. I bought a fabulous pearl and chain necklace for $6.50 at one of them. I wasn't looking for rings that day, but I recall that some of them had a big selection of rings (and that some were huge). The invoice from the place has an address of 1263 Broadway (between 31st and 32nd Streets) in Manhattan.
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I think the search term you're looking for is 'two finger ring:'

inspirational blog post

on etsy

google shopping

And if you're just looking for fun big rings, forever 21 has tons of cute, cheap jewelry. I use them a lot for trendy stuff I don't want to invest a lot of money in.
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or try cocktail ring.
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Seconding forever 21.
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Here's a search of Kaboodle for "large ring", I'm sure you can think of other keywords.

If you're not familiar with Kaboodle, it's a site where people tag favorite products from all sorts of different sites. I find it helpful for searches like this.
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Cocktail rings. 3rding Forever 21. All the local boutiques in my town have big rings, including animal ones like big owls. They're in style so I'm 100% sure the boutiques in NYC should have some.

Forever 21 is actually the best place if you have tiny fingers like me, because most stores don't carry any ring size smaller than a 7 in these sort of costume jewelry rings. Forever 21 carries really small-size rings, too.
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Response by poster: Thanks, all, this is a great start.

I've been using your links and here are a couple of pics that capture more of what I'm looking for: cicada and octopus.

Any further ideas on keywords (knuckle ring isn't working well) or online or brick n'mortar stores are welcomed.
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Best answer: "Large Rings" at Shopstyle. Shopstyle is similar to Kaboodle but links to vendors directly. Forever 21 is great for inexpensive, trendy stuff. Kenneth Jay Lane uses a lot of animal and insect motifs. Amazing but expensive! is Stephen Webster.
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Carrotbox has some reasonably priced large rings like the ones you're looking for. (Non-metal only: lucite, resin, glass, wood, stone.)

Carrotbox seems to use the terms "chunky" and "superchunky" to describe the largest rings.

You might like these:

LaserCut Acrylic Silhouette Rings
Carved Flower Rings
Washi Resin Rings
Glam Cocktail Rings
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I've found lots of interesting, over-sized rings at girlprops. They have some styles that seem to characterize what you're interested in.
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I was in Pier One the other day and noticed a lot of their rings seemed oversized....wouldn't hurt checking out if you're near one.
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Not sure if this is what you seek but Moroccan (or Berber or Tuareg) rings often cover the whole of the base segment (proximal phalange) of a finger.
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I love these, too. Trouble is, I have really small bones and spindly fingers and they just look bad on me. If you have small fingers, too, try getting some really really cheap ones to start with, in case it turns out they don't suit you.
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Depending on your personal style, Betsey Johnson recently had a line of big, bold, mostly sparkly cocktail rings. It seems that a lot of her jewelry has recently hit the outlet stores (Nordstrom Rack, etc), so you might be able to score some real deals there, or on eBay.
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I've noticed a lot of big cubic zirconia rings at overstock.com lately.
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