Hang-up at start-up
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I have a problem booting my XP computer. At start-up it gets hung-up when loading BitDefender. The only way I can get it to load and operate is in the debugging mode. I've run both Malware bytes and BitDefender and no viruses pop-up. I need help.
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By "debugging mode," do you mean "safe mode?" Have you tried reinstalling BitDefender?
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Are you getting memory dumps when the system hangs? If not, have you got the machine configured to generate them? Reading a dump file often points to the problem the system is having (missing or corrupt .dll file, invalid memory pointer, bad address, etc.).
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Try running in Safe Mode and uninstalling BitDefender to see if that fixes the problem and get a different anti-virus software if so.
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See if you can run msconfig. If so you can uncheck bitdefender to prevent it from loading at startup and that will let you know if bitdefender is really the issue. Guide to msconfig use is here.
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BitDefender was the culprit. An uninstall and a reinstall has me back on track.
Thanx everyone. The elusive obvious had me stymied.
posted by jserdula at 12:17 PM on March 14, 2010

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