Is there a cheap way to use data on my iPhone in Spain?
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I'm going to Spain for a bit and want, if possible, to get a pay-as-you-go Spainish sim card for my (unlocked) iPhone that will allow me to use data at a reasonable price. Does anyone know if such a product exists in Spain? I don't speak Spanish so bonus points if it's possible to buy one over the internet and have it shipped to me in the UK (though I know that's unlikely)...

For context, I've got a sim card like this for Ireland - a day's data use (500MB or something) costs just €0.98. It's the handiest thing I've ever bought...
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SIM cards are available in every corner shop; you'll find them all over. If you'd like, the magic term you're looking for is "tarjeta de SIM," which is pronounced "tar-HEY-tah dey SEEM." That just means "SIM card" in Castilian Spanish. Now... having ones which have reasonable data rates, I don't know about, although I imagine if you mention "tarjeta de SIM" and add "con internet" they will grasp what you're asking for.

But I understand the lack of the language, and subsequent desire to order them. I don't know about having them shipped to the UK - sorry.
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"tarjeta de SIM,

"Prepaid" (in English) is more or less universal anywhere in Europe. I used a pre-paid card from Telefonica when I was living in Spain a few years ago. I walked into a Telefonica store - asked for "prepaid SIM card?" in English and the non-English speaking salesperson knew exactly what I wanted, showed me a chart with different rates (in Euro) and I walked out with a card. Data plans are easily recognizeable as they are labeled in mBit. Easy peasy.
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Have a look at They do a PAYG card for 5€ which guarantees that if you use less than 500Mb of data a month, you won't pay more than 10€ on data. The call charges are very reasonable too.
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masmovil provides incredible PAYG plans. Check 'em out...I used them on my last trip in Sept 2009
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Best answer: Additional note to bear in mind: you will have to provide your passport number (and possibly address) if you're getting a SIM card. I have had a pay-as-you-go SIM for two years and had to revisit the shop to give them my address a few months back. It's a new 'security' measure so that you can't have anonymous mobile phones.
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