Branching dialogue editor?
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Is there a non-linear dialogue editor for mac? I want to write up some branching game dialogue.

I could do it in html, but I know I'll be shifting things around a lot as I work, which would mean spending most of my time renaming and relinking things. The interactive fiction tools I've looked at are more geared to the production of a game in itself, and I want to just lay out all the parts, options, and relationships between blocks of spoken text. Is there something like Chat Mapper available for mac?

Even straightforward Neverwinter Nights-style 1. 2. 3. option selection would be helpful, but I award bonuses for status-effect tracking (paragon/renegade, basically) and remembering previous selections. All the more so if it exports to something readable.

I'm running Mac OSX 10.5.8.
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I think NovaMind Platinum Pro is the closest you're going to find.

Their web site has so-so design...but essentially it's mind mapping software and the 'pro' version is aimed at screenwriters.
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Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine

It's free and cross-platform. It's designed to emulate Japanese visual dating games, but it doesn't have to be used that way.
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