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Please help me find a calendar widget for my forum.

I'm starting a private forum on Lefora and would like to include an interactive events calendar in the sidebar - one with a month-by-month view where members can add events in the little squares.

Google Calendar would suit me fine, but Leflora does not support Java Script, and I'm having a hard time finding a free, easy-to-set-up Flash or html calendar that does what I want. Is it possible to tweak the Google widget so that it works in Lefora? I have very little html experience, so I need this to be a no-brainer. Any ideas? Thanks folks.
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Hi, i'm from lefora.com and noticed this post in a search.

Here's one calendar that should work in lefora from yourminis


If that doesn't work, http://widgetbox.com may have some flash calendars for you.
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