[BodiceRipperMovieFilter] Recommend me your trashiest, sexiest, fun, resolved-sexual-tension flicks.
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[BodiceRipperMovieFilter] Recommend me your trashiest, sexiest, fun, resolved-sexual-tension flicks.

I'm in the middle of one of my last sets of law school finals, I'm feeling antsy, and I'm longing for something lurid and fun. I guess I'm looking for something along the lines of Original Sin but not necessarily as campy. I want movies packed with sexual tension and happy endings. Not metaphorical, I don't need porny (although that would be fine), I want happy couples at the end. I like watching angsty love/hate/sex relationships. More examples: Maggie/Brick in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Secretary to some extent, 9 1/2 Weeks would be right if they'd ended up together.

What can you do for me, metafilter? Please keep me away from my Federal Jurisdiction outline.
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Out of Sight. One of the best in this genre.
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May not be exactly what you are looking for, but I thought "Eating Raoul" was one of the raunchiest, funniest movies I've ever seen.
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Mr. & Mrs. Smith, the 2005 Doug Liman one, or True Lies.

Admittedly, my idea of trashy bodice-ripping angst involves Harriers and guns a lot of the time.
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Sex and Lucia fits this bill rather nicely.
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Out of Sight. One of the best in this genre.

Great movie, but not sure about the happy ending requirement.
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Mostly Martha (subtitled) fits much of the bill, though I wouldn't call it trashy or lurid. Don't bother with the crappy remake, No Reservations.
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The Thomas Crown Affair, which is more fun than trashy.
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The Mask of Zorro certainly fits the BodiceRipper part of your criteria.
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Aw, I was coming to offer "Bound" too. That would be just exactly the thing, I think.
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Body Double
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Belle Epoque, although I remember it as lighthearted and adorable rather than trashy. But it has Spain in the 1930s, plenty of rolling in the hay with the farmer's beautiful daughters, and a happy ending.
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sex, lies and videotapeNot sure I would describe it as fun, though.
Wild at Heart? Maybe too much weirdness, but I think it's fun for certain twisted values of fun.
An Officer and a Gentleman? Though maybe that just seemed steamy because I was 15 the first time I watched it.
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Two Moon Junction
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Bull Durham
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Strange Days
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Tie me up, tie me down (Átame), by Pedro Almodóvar. Oh boy.
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Pillow Talk... an oldie but a goodie.
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Vicky Cristina Barcelona
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I may like it more than warranted, but I've always laughed my ass off at Flirting With Disaster. It's more of a comedy than you may be thinking of, though. Definitely raunchy. And it sort of has a happy ending, depending on how you look at it.
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Risky Business. It's been years but I recall it as funny, sexy, and with a happy ending. Maybe not a lot of sexual tension, but it has its tense moments (Dad's car & Mom's egg).
The Big Easy is another steamy flick - this one with sexual tension but maybe not as much fun as Risky Business.

Good luck on your finals!
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True Romance.
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Y tu mama tabien.

Maybe not a completely happy ending, but holy crap. It's so hot it really doesn't matter.

The first time I saw it (well, part of it) I was watching TV with my mom. Do NOT watch it with your mom! That was ... uncomfortable until I could tear myself away from it long enough to reluctantly change the channel.

But anyhow, Gael Garcia Bernal is just so brutally hot, and the plot is too. Enjoy!
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The best of the worst- B movie, exploitation over the top, total trash and kind of awesome: Bitch Slap!
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Nthing Secretary.

Lots of fun, deliciously sexy movies spring to mind, but Secretary is one of the very few with a clear-cut happy-ever-after ending.
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Agree with Bound for ohmygod sexy girl sex. Steamy hot stuff. Made me want to run out and find another woman, and I'm a (mostly) straight married lady.

After The Sunset Salma Hayak and Pierce Brosnan. Sultry and sexy. Ignore the implausible heist story and enjoy the sexy stuff.

The Girl Next Door is funny/sexy, may be more comedic than you are looking for.

I am trying SO hard to remember the name of this one movie, very steamy, where a man is imprisoned for some reasons, write love letters, gets some steamy ones back from woman (in the next cell, maybe?) and they end up together. I want to say it is French...nope. Can't remember, I'll have to come back later or try AskMe myself!

Otherwise...umm...Damn, you want a happily-ever-after film? Well, you could stop Body Heat in the middle of the movie!
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Dangerous Beauty was also surprisingly good.
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