want to be 90% paperless
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I need suggestions for a way to move my organization's paper journal to an electronic publication.

I serve on the board for a small non-profit, we put out a journal twice a year in print and serve a PDF version on our web site. Our members would be very open to moving away from print and we would save a lot of money for the printing and postage. I have been looking at Zmags and Pagegangster -- both tools/services that essentially take a PDF and turn it into an online magazine.

I was wondering if anyone can suggest other things for me to look at, or tell me about experiences with either of these two. The advantages of these two products is that we do not need to change our publication staffing (one part time person) nor much of the work flow (he already generates the PDF that we use on the site). Thanks.
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Another site that we use for publishing catalogs, etc on is Issuu.com. They have embeddable features and a lot more functionality if you should choose to go pro. We use the free version and it's a great tool.
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Probably not exactly what you are looking for, but have you checked out the Open Journal System?
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Thanks for the pointer to Issuu, it looks promising. Razle: I have set up OJS in the past but for this organization it would be overkill, and we don't have the skilled volunteers needed to keep it from draining my sanity.
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