Supplier-independent notebook database?
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I need a a new notebook. I'd like to use a website/database that lets me input selection criteria and that gives me a list of all the notebooks that fit the bill, no matter which company produces them.

Is there a market overview website that lets me tick boxes à la

- must have Windows 7 64bit
- must have HDMI Out
- must be lighter than 2.5kg
- must have 4GB RAM
- would prefer HD screen resolution
- don't care what size the hard disk is
- and all for below EUR800/USD1000

and that then lists all the relevant notebooks? I'd prefer one that is Germany-/EU-based, but I'd be happy about any site of the kind.
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Best answer: It's not EU based, but I'm going to suggest newegg's search features on the left hand side. It doesn't do all the specs you are looking for, but it does some of them.
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And if you go to the Power Search in the top left, you can get really granular with your searches.
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Not any that I know of. Newegg's search will only show what they carry, which for notebooks, is pretty limited.
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