Where to find great learning experiences for free?
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Where can I find more opportunities for competitive scholarships to participate in great learning experiences if I am no longer a graduate student or an academic?

Last month I completed a 5 month program called the Community Arts Training Institute offered through the Regional Arts Commission in St. Louis. Next month, I am attending a fully-funded (airfare, hotel, and per diem), week-long conference on HIV research through I scholarship I was directed to by a friend online. Both of these opportunities required a competitive application process, but, if accepted, all costs were covered.

Is there a way to find more opportunities like these?
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Usually your employer will pay for professional development opportunities. If your employer can't afford to pay, and is a non-profit of some type, you may be able to help your employer apply for a grant that would pay for these things.

For personal stuff, the conference/workshop/etc. organizers are probably your best resource for finding out about alternative ways to pay your way.
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