Help a constipated horse?
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My niece lives in New Mexico where she has a small ranch and stable. One of her horses is very ill with constipation. The horse is at the vet's and they are using standard treatment (oil?) but so far with very little result. Any advice, the situation is getting pretty severe and my niece is worried sick.
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If the horse is under veterinary care it is probably getting appropriate treatment. Is this simple constipation or a case of colic -- or, depending on the soil in your area, possibly sand colic?
If severe enough, colic can require (expensive and not always succesful) surgery, or can be managed with walking, oiling and medication. It really depends on the cause.
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If the horse is at a competent vet clinic then she's doing all she can for it already.

Google "Impaction colic" if you want to know more.
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Colic is terrifying. The only thing your niece can do is talk with the vet about managing causes and prevention: sand in the pasture, maybe the horse is not chewing well and needs softened food... But sometimes it is just random bad luck. Otherwise, watch the vets work and pet the horse and encourage him to hang in there.

(IF the blockage passes with oil/pumping/etc., the horse will bounce right back immediately. But colic is soooo unpredictable...)
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I'm not usually a fan of natural remedies, but I've seen For the Love of the Horse cure laminitis after three vets recommended putting a horse down.

I would get in touch with them or post on their forums.
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Thanks for all the advice! I heard from my niece that the "deed is done" and her horse is doing much better.
Thanks again!
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