Can anybody recommend a mover to get our stuff from Pittsburgh to Madison?
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We are moving from Pittsburgh, PA to Madison, WI. Can anybody recommend a moving company?
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I did a 1200-mile move using Door to Door, which is one of those self-pack services where they bring you some room-sized plywood boxes and then come get them when they're full. The person who coordinated my move at Door to Door was extremely helpful, and the forklift guys at both ends of the move were skilled and professional. I highly recommend this kind of move, especially because you supply your own padlocks.

I've moved with traditional movers before and have had damage, theft, surly unprofessional people in my home, and bills that doubled what I paid with Door to Door (even after a serious de-booking to cut weight).
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All my worldly possessions are in a ReloCube from U-Pack right now, traveling from New Jersey to Oregon. It's similar to the service listed above, but the 6 x 7 x 8 cube is made of aluminum, not plywood. I can track the progress of the cube--not GPS as I'd hoped, but more like a UPS package where you get updates as it checks in at different spots.

I had also looked at PODS but they were rather more expensive than the ReloCube.

Thus far I'm happy with the service and price. I'll let you know in a few days if my stuff gets there intact.
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Response by poster: @blink: How did it go?
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This is rather late, but perhaps useful - We used U-Pack's Relocube to move from IL to TX last year. Overall, it was pretty good, but I'd advise you to pack the cubes very carefully. Only pile stuff up high if the rest of the cube is filled to that level. We had a supposed professional helping us to move our big stuff, and he piled things high only one side of the cube. When we opened it up, everything had fallen. (The stuff was tied to the wall, not just sitting there. Not tied well enough, apparently.) After watching the guys take away our empty cubes, we understood - they really fling them around! No doubt an empty cube is far more flingable than a full one, but still. Who knows what they do in the yard when they have to shift from truck to truck.

On the other hand, their customer service is really fantastic. I had quite a few questions, and every time I called they were unfailingly polite and helpful. Good luck with your move!
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