Recommend me some cool hardcore experimental synthesizer music.
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Recommend me some cool hardcore experimental analog synthesizer music.

I've become very enamored of this guy's Buchla synth videos on vimeo. I'd love to find more stuff in this vein: real-time, "live" analog synth music that has some basis in rhythm and melody (as opposed to the more freeform abstraction of Subotnick and that lot). I know my way around electronica for the most part (or at least I think I do) but the only thing I can think of that sounds similar to the above is Autechre, and I know them, so anything beyond that is fair game. Specifically, any albums or artists currently working with Buchla modular synths in the manner of the above clips would be great.
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Charles Cohen on the classic Buchla Music Easel...

...and for the more modern style using the 200e, Alessandro Cortini (late of NIN) has quite alot of material on YouTube as Blindoldfreak:
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The (mostly) guys over at the electro-music diy forum are all about the analog synths. Especially worth checking out are the Klee videos and mp3s, etc.

You'll have to do some digging but nearly everyone who posts there usually has examples of their stuff made with analog synths. And there's a semi-regular streaming radio option.
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Silver Apples was a 60s acid-rock duo with a drummer and a synthesizer operator - their stuff is abrasive by pop standards but highly musical compared to most avant-garde synth pioneers.
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Matmos's Supreme Balloon is all synth, all the time.
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