Help me find that Star Wars techno song!
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Help me find that Star Wars techno song! I'm looking for a track that fell off my psytrance/electro house Pandora station recently...

I could've sworn the title was Wahoo! or Ya-hoo! or something of that nature (which makes it pretty hard to Google). Anyways, it's a short little techno piece that heavily samples the old vector-based Star Wars arcade game's voiceover, in particular Luke's "Yahoo!" sound.

I know that one of the other samples has Luke addressing "R2" by name...

Any takers?
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Is it "2 Skinnee JS - Irresistible Force"? Ryan "Darth" Bader, an MMA fighter, used this as his entrance music once.
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Response by poster: Nah, this was much more straight-up blippy music in the MIDI/Atari vein, but with a really cute set of samples. Thanks, though.
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It could be this. At least, it samples the game and is pretty good trance overall - not sure on the yahoos though! While we're combining dance music and Star Wars, though, this certainly deserves a watch by anyone interested in that combo ;-)
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Response by poster: Nope. Far, far less trance than your first link.
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I thought of the Morgan Phillips (aka Supergenius) Star Wars Breakbeats, but none seem quite right for what you're describing - though I found this 2005 AskMefi question on a similar topic, which might help.
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Response by poster: Still not on the right track...

This is the closest song I can think of to the one I'm looking for.
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This is a super long shot, but is it Star Wars Theme (The Force) by Twin (often misattributed to Aphex Twin)?
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Response by poster: Still no, unfortunately - far blippier than that, but I appreciate you taking the shot!
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As far as I can tell (see PTech714's comment here, as well as Hamill's own remark in the article text), the "yahoo!" would've been from the movie itself. Don't know if that helps in tracking it down or not.
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Well, you could always feed in all of these tracks into Pandora as "seeds" for a new station – it'll probably eventually feed you the track you were looking for.
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It occurs to me that if you're looking for a synthesized, 8-bit feel to the music, I wonder if Tomita's "Star Wars" might either be what you're looking for, or might've been sampled as part of it. The song does not have Hamill going "yahoo" in it, though.
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Best answer: Well, I found a resource for you. Unfortunately, it's a prodigous one. This guy seems to have the definitive track list of Star Wars remixes that you've ever seen. It's pretty massive. And some of the links seem valid. Of those, the title "Star Wars - Arcade Disco (DJ Lovewizard Dance Mix)", by Chris Huelsbeck, jumped out at me, so perhaps that's the one.
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Best answer: It looks as if he's hosting all of the MP3s he lists there at the numerical IP address at the bottom of each post/track listing. That particular one I cited looks like it's just a slight audio edit of Mecco's disco hit from the '70s, but that wouldn't stop you from clicking around and listening to the many, many, many, many other Star Wars techno songs listed on that page.
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Response by poster: Holy crap, WCityMike. While this still didn't get me the song I was looking for, there's just WAY too much effort from you for me not to give you a best answer. Goddamn.

Thanks, dude.
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