How's the veggie dining on a cruise?
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You took a 10-day Princess cruise (to Alaska) and you're a vegetarian. You ate...

Going on the aforementioned 10-day Princess cruise to Alaska, on the Sea Princess for a family celebration. Husband is vegetarian. I'm worried he's going to be eating pizza and pasta for ten days. Is it true?

He's more of a non-cheese vegetarian, and likes lentils, chili with four kinds of beans, tofu stir fry, etc. Has anyone had this experience, or is it just pizza and pasta for him?
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You might want to call the company and ask; they should be able to make full menus for the trip available to you.
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For most meals there is the option to go somewhere on the boat and eat at a buffet. There will be lots of fresh fruit, salads, etc at the buffet. There's usually some sort of vegetable or fruit soup available at dinner as well.

Here is information about Princess on-board dining.
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Note: upon looking at that information I just linked you to, I see that there are vegetarian dining options on every menu, marked by a "V".
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My wife and I went on a 8 day cruise to Alaska (Royal Caribbean) in 2002 and although I am a meat eater, I absolutely gorged on the fresh fruit and veggies every day. I could easily see a vegetarian having no problem filling their stomach constantly.
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Vegetarian-Friendly Cruises -- " Princess Cruise Lines also offer vegetarian and vegan selections and will gladly fulfill special requests with advance notice."
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"Special Diets -- More specific dietary needs can be accommodated upon request. This includes Kosher meals, as well as selections for passengers following vegan, salt-free, low MSG or sulfites, dairy-free, or gluten-free diets. All are available if pre-arranged in advance of the sailing."*
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Cruise lines will do pretty much anything within reason to make you happy. If you call and make your dietary wishes known, I am sure that it will be accommodated. My wife, a meatatarian, was provided steak with a side of spaghetti every night, or so the legend goes. I'm sure it works both ways.
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Don't wait until you're on the boat to ask - many special meals are prepared on-shore and stored cold until they're served. Once the boat has sailed, the boat has, er... sailed.
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I took a week-long Princess cruise to Alaska two summers ago. I'm not a vegetarian but every night they had a vegetarian option on the dinner menu, I remember it usually looked really good, but I don't remember if I ever tried it. Also, by vegetarian option I mean that they had a three course meal available. For example, one of the starters was always vegetarian (like tomato soup or a salad) and there was always something on the main course with no animal products on it. And the ice-creams and sorbets are great. During the day, I think the breakfast and lunch buffet has enough options that cater to a vegetarian who'd like to avoid eating pasta every day. Also, the chocolate chip cookies are AWESOME. If I went back on that cruise, I'd probably survive on them alone.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your answers, but I guess the heart of my question is: what non-cheese protein is available to eat? He needs a protein component to each meal, and he's not a salad eater. I fear he'll just eat a rotating cast of eggs for breakfast and pizza and pasta for lunch & dinner. I guess he'll just be hanging out at the ice cream bar.
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what non-cheese protein is available to eat? He needs a protein component to each meal

Don't remember the specific items, but I'm sure the chefs know that vegetarian customers can't survive on pasta and salads alone. I remember some things on the menu with protein-rich legumes and grains, also tofu and things like eggplant and other hearty vegetables.

As others have said, you can inform/ask the cruise line in advance and see what they respond. If you're reserving the cruise through a travel agent, I think they'd also be able to answer some of these questions for you.
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Register (it's free) at Cruise Critic, ask in their forums, and see what's been posted previously on the topic. It takes a little getting used to wading through big ugly graphic sig files, but the forums are quite useful if you're willing to dig a little.
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Why not just tell the cruise line he's vegan?
From what people have said this is something they already offer.
Vegan=no cheese or eggs=problem solved.
Just contact the cruise line itself to pre-arrange.
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He will have as much four-bean salad available to him as he can stand, if he's desperate. But every cruise line I've had the fortune of patronising has had a number of good vege options, even in the basic buffet (there will probably be some higher-end restaurants you have to book for and can request what you want). He'll be fine.
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Have you looked at this ugly but useful repository of cruise ship menus?

I was on a different line, but I felt very comfortable with the vegetarian fare when I was on the big floating hotel. I could even get a vegetarian burger right at the poolside grill.
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After a brief insomniac googling, here is some reassurance from
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Best answer: I'm a Vegan who took a 5 day cruise to Mexico - they made me tons of different curries, pastas, pilafs, beans, rice, mushroom steaks all sorts of fruit and veggies, french fries - on and on and on... I've never eaten so well or so much. Just make sure to call ahead first and let them know that your Husband is a vegetarian - the Chefs and waitstaff were more than happy to find new fun things for me to eat.

Enjoy your trip!
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