Musical Race to the Bottom
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I am about to buy my long-desired Akai EWI4000s. The question is: where?

The cheapest price I can find is at B&H Photo Video. Patchman Music sells it bundled with a second sound bank and AC adapter for an extra $135. Supposedly they calibrate and test each unit. Has anyone in the hive mind purchased from these guys? Are they worth it? I can't anyone on the web who I can be sure isn't astroturfing.
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Best answer: B&H is the best place to buy anything from on the interwebs. Period.

They are completely legit and if you have any problems, they will fix it. I've only had one problem, they shipped me the wrong stepdown ring once, not their fault, the box was labeled correctly, the ring inside wasn't the one on the box. How could they have known? They just told me to keep it and shipped me the correct one for free.

Straight aces for those guys.
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Best answer: B&H is legendary among photographers for their service and selection.

I'd also highly recommend Sweetwater Sound for musical gear. Their customer service is also fantastic. If they don't have the best price, call and see if they can give you a better deal. They really stand behind their customers.
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Best answer: Never heard of Patchman, but B&H is awesome. I used to buy from their Manhattan store—it's like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory but with camera and AV equipment and run by Orthodox Jews—and I now order online having leave NYC. I bought our new LCD TV from them two months ago, and I've easily spent several thousand dollars there over the last decade or so. They've always steered me right, recommending the best thing for me over the most profitable every time. Straight aces indeed.
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Ugh... "having left NYC." I was focusing too much on how much I love B&H to grammar check.
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Response by poster: I would consider it if I owned a computer that could run its software :(
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Response by poster: Well, I bought it from B&H, and the shipping was free. Woohoo! Thanks! (And I looked the calibration stuff in the manual and decided that this is something that I can do, especially since the Patchman sound bank sounded just as crappy as the presets)
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