Buying tailored shirts online?
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What is the best place to buy well-made and low-cost tailored men's shirts online?

I am very slim and very tall American male and have a hard time finding shirts that fit me properly. I usually go to European stores like Zara to find properly-sized clothing but now am looking for something more unique. I found many stores using a quick Google search, but have no idea if they are any good.
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What price range are you looking at?
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I use and recommend Alexander West...
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A good friend of mine at work uses and he always looks pretty good.
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Lands End does a pretty good job, as does
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That's Lands End's custom shirt system, not the regular ones. Significantly better made than their pre-sized stuff.
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Response by poster: The Michael The: I was looking at pricing around $50 a shirt to get started. I do not have a set price in mind as I have little experience in this kind of purchase, but probably nothing over $100.

I do most of my shopping online. I have an online store I use for electronics (NewEgg), an online store I use for books (Amazon), an online store I use for body care products (DrugStore), an online store I use for underwear (FreshPair), and now I was just basically looking for a good, relatively low-priced store to use for tailored shirts. I guess what I am asking is: If you buy tailored shirts online, where do you buy them from?
posted by 1awesomeguy at 11:33 AM on March 12, 2010 [1 favorite] is good; I also have had decent experience with Giorgenti. You get someone to measure you and put the numbers into their websites, and then select fabrics. You can indicate what sort of fit you want, what collar, whether to have a pocket, and so on. They make the shirts and ship them to you. In my experience you're not going to get a decent shirt for $50; $80 or $90 is a more realistic minimum.

I am of average height (5'-10") but somewhat slim by American standards (155 pounds) and most off-the-rack stuff fits me like I'm wearing a pirate shirt. Plus, I don't like pockets (what are they for? Pocket protectors?) The semi-custom shirts have worked pretty well.
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I cannot recommend Maxwells Clothiers enough. I literally tell everyone I know that needs to wear a suit about them and actually just bought another 3 shirts last weekend (to go with my 3 suits and about 9 other shirts I've purchased there).

It is essentially mail order, but the unique part is that they come to many cities in North America a couple times a year, you go in, they measure you fully and you choose your fabrics, pay and then get your items shipped to you from Hong Kong.

And you're actually in luck, since they are in Boston today and tomorrow! From the website (click on "Our Visits"):

MR. L.H. BOB will be visiting the following town on the listed dates. (PLEASE ASK HOTEL OPERATOR FOR MR. L.H. BOB'S SUITE).

MARCH 11th, 12th, 13TH 2010. (13TH TILL 1PM ONLY)

BOSTON 02166.
Route 128 At The Mass Pike
Tel: (617) 969-1000, CELL:(214) 762-3446

Everyone I know that has used them have been extremely pleased with the quality and the price. I was able to buy 3 custom shirts for $135 CDN last weekend, so it should be about the same in US. I believe each shirt on its own is about $50 or $60 (this is in CDN as well).

The reason you've never heard of them is that their advertising is entirely word of mouth. I only found out about them when I asked a colleague here at work (I work for a large financial institution in Canada) "Where do you get such nice shirts?" and he told me the "secret".

I honestly can't recommend them enough, though the only (potential) downside is it generally takes about 2 months for them to ship your items to you, though this can be sped up with a special request (email) to them.

Good luck!
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And I should also point out that you can order entirely online, so long as you are able to provide them with accurate measurements (ideally done by a local tailor or someone who knows exactly what they are doing). You can see all of their styles and fabric swatches on their site.

Man, I never realized how fond I am of brackets...
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Not bespoke, but how about Brooks Brothers' Extra Slim Fit shirts at 3 for $199?
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Just a late addition to the thread but based on the recommendation here, my husband had an appointment with last night and though we haven't (obviously) received the shirts yet, the fitting session was really great. He was super knowledgeable and had good advice, has a really nice selection of fabrics, and really worked to understand how to best fit my super-slim husband.
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